Model Shop and Short Runs

Model Shop and Short Run DepartmentsWeber Knapp s Model Shop and Short Runs Department offer many potential advantages for customers. The Model Shop serves as an extension of Product Design Engineering, with fast turn-around of functional prototypes. Additionally, the area supports low volume production requirements and acts as a hedge against interrupted supply of purchased components. In addition to typical manual equipment such as lathes, mills, drill presses and the like, the Model Shop also includes computer-controlled machines.

The Short Run Department is really an extension of the Model Shop and includes CNC turning centers, CNC laser cutters, and hydraulic brake presses. As well as supporting prototype builds, the Short Run Department offers an avenue to bridge the lead-time gap between initial product launch and availability of production tooling. It also provides the means by which a customer can introduce a product to the market without significant tooling investment. Weber Knapp s unique methods using laminated dies produce products that are nearly identical to those manufactured on fully tooled progressive dies, offering a seamless transition between low and high volume production.