Keyboard Trays

Weber Knapp’s Keyboard Trays are designed to be ergonomically correct. A revolutionary ergonomic concept to reduce fatigue by quickly changing from a seated to a standing position. Weber Knapp designs for a smarter workspace with ergonomic products.

When typing, a user s forearms should be horizontal and at the elbow s rest height. The input device (keyboard or mouse) should be located in the space between the top of the thigh and the underside of the forearm. The angle of the input device should allow hands to be aligned with wrists. In general, if a user were sitting in an upright posture, the keyboard and mouse would be horizontal. If a user is inclined forward when typing, the keyboard and mouse must be tilted downward (negative tilt) to maintain a neutral posture. If a user works in a reclined posture, the keyboard and mouse.

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Collection