About Weber Knapp

Weber Knapp is a company that focuses on high caliber engineering solutions for customer’s unique and specific design challenge.

Companies sprout instantaneously in this software driven world, or so it seems. And too many fold just as quickly. This is not so with Weber Knapp. Over a Century old, we re a true survivor where values like old world craftsmanship are given equal billing with Lean Manufacturing, CNC, and SPC. Decades mean we’ve “ironed out” every kink and polished every technique. We’ve perfected the latest machine and fabrication processes, integrated engineering with research and development, and tied everything back to careful prototype testing and quality control programs. We’ve discovered new markets, new products, new applications and Weber Knapp truly understands the meaning of Made in the USA.

Weber Knapp Employees

Weber Knapp was founded at the turn of the century as a manufacturer of hardware for the furniture industry. By the 1960’s, company engineers had devised a revolutionary counterbalanced hinge device that quickly found its way into a wide array of products from furniture to food processing equipment, to medical and office products. Other motion control solutions include applications such as centrifuges and door supports for refrigerated cabinets. Weber Knapp is also a major resource of designer hinges for the residential furniture industry.

Manufacturing Building on Allen StreetToday, Weber Knapp leads the ergonomics industry with state-of-the-art spring assisted products, all manufactured domestically by 100 skilled workers in two plant locations with 330,000 Sq. Ft. of space. We’re keeping a collective ear to the ground as computer hardware and office systems evolve so that Weber Knapp can continue to create products that adjust the workplace instead of adjusting to it.

Experience has taught us to listen. We got where we are today by focusing our high caliber engineering expertise toward working with customers to come up with unique solutions to their specific design challenges. While we take pride in our current identity, we are not limited by it. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities are applicable to any number of diverse industries. We design and build assemblies based upon achieving our customers function, quality, and cost targets. Our vertically integrated manufacturing structure allows us to efficiently transition from prototype to full-scale production, using state of the art machining and assembly equipment. Learn how Weber Knapp can solve your design challenge.

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