Hinge Express Program

Hinge Express is a commitment to you for one day hinge designs. The Hinge Express Program has been developed over decades providing you an uncomplicated way to solve a design problem without headaches. You call us, tell us what you need, and, typically, one day later you have answers.

Hinge Express Program

Our unique response to customer requirements is possible due to to three areas of expertise:

  • First, and most notable, is our experience as a hinge manufacturer. Weber Knapp began designing and producing hardware at the turn of the century and, thanks to our many satisfied customers, has developed into a company with 300,000-sq. ft. of production space, a skilled engineering staff, and state-of-the-art manufacturing.
  • Second, we maintain the industry’s most complete library of existing designs, which can be referenced immediately as a resource for new ideas.
  • Third, we design using CAD technology to support manufacturing, allowing prompt and efficient response times.

We believe Hinge Express is a win win for old friends and new customers alike. We can offer you rapid response, fast answers, proven manufacturing, and outstanding quality control. Give us a call today and make Hinge Express work for you.

To place an order or to get a quote on a custom hinge design, please contact our
Hinge Support Specialists at 800-828-9254, ext. 280 or sales@weberknapp.com.
Note: Minimum order quantities apply.

Custom Design HingesWeber Knapp hinge design starts with understanding your specific hinge application. Then, by conducting a quick comprehensive database search, we locate standard hinge assemblies or any existing combination of tooling that can be used to meet that need. In-house customized parametric CAD solutions are used to specify, design, and draw new hinge configurations. Digital files can be sent via attached e-mail in AutoCAD or Pro-E formats for immediate review and consultation with the client/customer. Paper prints can be faxed or mailed.

Skilled model shop technicians craft sample hinges per approved drawings for quick response. Production quantities are produced cost effectively on coil-fed stamping presses using progressive dies. Hinge leaves and/or assemblies are finished in automated barrel plating lines, rack plating lines, and automated or manual powder coating facilities to produce the finish selected by the customer. Hinges are assembled on specialized automated rotary indexing equipment which insert pins, close curls and provide for riveting or finial assembly under the watchful eye of the experienced operator. Final forms are applied in mechanical presses to fit your custom specifications.

Hinge components are inspected every step of the way through the production process and receive a thorough final inspection prior to packing & shipping.