Electric Modular Components

Power Management Rack

Weber Knapp s capabilities are perfectly suited to the production of fabricated assemblies for wiring of modular electrical components. We have collaborated with our customer – and our customer s customer – to develop hardware that smoothly integrates electronics into specific construction layouts and refurbishments.

Examples include:

  • custom-configured multi-outlet power strips
  • point-of-purchase displays for data and power management
  • custom-configured accessory shelves providing multi-functional stations

Power Boxes

Weber Knapp can design and/or manufacture just the modular hardware or, working in partnership with local electrical/electronics manufacturer, Falconer Electronics, provide a completely wired assembly to meet your specific application needs. This ability to provide a complete product offers you many advantages:

  • customized product at competitive production prices
  • project or full product line support
  • experience in fulfilling the installation requirements of major retail store and distribution centers throughout the U.S. and Mexico
  • responsive turn-around, from concept through production
  • ability to participate at all levels of the supply chain: Tier 1, 2, or 3
Electric Modular Component

Multiplug Power and Data Chases

More than just a hardware fabricator, Weber Knapp offers the flexibility of vertically integrated manufacturing as well as the capability to design from scratch or build to print.

Weber Knapp has been more than just a supplier to Falconer Electronics. Their engineers have actively participated in the design of modular fabricated components for integration with the electronics we provide. The partnership between Weber Knapp and Falconer Electronics continues to allow us to meet our customers rigorous schedules and changing demands with products that meet the highest functional and quality standards.

–Roger Hall, President, Falconer Electronics