Appliance Hardware Design

Weber Knapp is experienced in designing and producing mechanisms for both consumer and commercial appliances. Although similar in scope, the design priorities for these macro segments of the appliance industry are generally notably different.

Of paramount consideration in designing mechanisms for use on commercial appliances is durability and reliability. Aesthetic issues are generally a lesser concern although this is changing with the growing popularity of high-end restaurants with exhibition style kitchens. Spatial issues must often be addressed to minimize clearances necessary for opening of doors, etc. Total unit cost is always a concern but, in the case of commercial appliances, is usually secondary to the other factors discussed.

Consumer appliances generally require a stronger focus on aesthetics and total cost. However, function and feel are becoming increasingly important as consumers look for high quality product performance mirroring a quality appearance. Durability and reliability are also important considerations in consumer appliance design in as much as the cost of service calls add to the total product cost. Special requirements addressing safety precautions are also generally written into product specifications.

Appliance Hardware Design Case Studies: