Hinge Lifts Lid on Trike Trunk

Hinge Lifts Lid on Trike TrunkLehman Trikes, Westlock,
Alberta, Canada- www.lehmantrikes.com – converts high-end touring motorcycles into trikes for the added stability and comfort of three wheels. The conversion includes rear fenders and a trunk. Lehman’s original design forced the rider to be in an awkward position when operating the trunk lid. And the lid hinge partially obstructed the trunk contents when open. But a new hinge design from Weber Knapp Company, Jamestown, New York, www.weberknapp.com fixes the problems.

The hinge lifts lid lets the lid rise vertically and swing 180 out of the way for unfettered access to the trunk. The counter-balanced four-bar linkage mechanism makes the motion smooth and controlled. A latch at the top of the door closes the lid tightly against a gasket similar to that used on a automobile door, protecting the contents from weather and road dirt.

Lehman introduced the re-tooled trunk at the Gold Wing Road Riders Association’s annual Wing Ding show in Grapevine, Texas.

 Lawrence Kren
 MACHINE DESIGN Magazine 33 - December 9, 2004
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