Commercial Refrigerator Counterbalance Hinges

refrigerator counterbalance hinges

Weber Knapp’s counter-weight mechanical hinges provide easy-lift operation. This hinge allows a heavy glass refrigerator window to be opened with ease by counterbalancing a majority of its weight.

Refrigerator Counterbalance Hinges Feature:

  • Epoxy powder coat finish
  • Zinc iridescent chromate plate rivets for high humidity environments.
  • Cycle life of 30,000 cycles min.
  • Open position mechanical stop at 90 +/-5
  • Torque adjustment provided, factory preset
  • 2 supports will counterbalance a load of 71.5 lbs from 15 +/- 5 open position to the 90 full open position
  • Lid will coast to 0 full close position below the 15 +/- 5 open position
  • Lid torque 657.7 inch lbs