Smoker Lid Counterbalance Hinge System

Smoker Lid Counterbalance HingeCustom Counterbalance Hinge Features

  • Support Life – 5000 cycles
  • The support is manufactured in #300 series stainless steel for outdoor use.
  • Torque is adjustable to accommodate lid weight variance.
  • The support will counterbalance the lid from 45 to 55 degrees. The lid will coast closed from the 45 degree position to allow the necessary force against the gasket seal. The lid will coast to the full open position of 70 degrees.
  • Maximum operating force to lift the lid is 20 lbs. (relates to note 4 above to maintain gasket seal)
  • Shipped in a specified position to minimize assembly time.
  • Unit replaced gas springs and reduced the overall size and space requirements.