One Hundred Years of Engineered Motion Control Solutions
Weber Knapp BuildingCompanies sprout instantaneously in this software driven world with too many folding just as quickly, not so with Weber Knapp. A century old, Weber Knapp is a true survivor where values like old world craftsmanship along with Lean Manufacturing, CNC, and SPC. We ve ironed out every kink and polished every technique. Perfecting the latest machine and fabrication processes, integrated engineering with research and development, and tied everything back to careful prototype testing and quality control programs.

Appliance Hardware Design

Weber Knapp is experienced in designing and producing mechanisms for both consumer and commercial appliances. Although similar in scope, the design priorities for these macro segments of the appliance industry are generally notably different. Read More

Engineering Customization

Engineering is the heart of Weber Knapp Company. Although our standard product lines have established us within select markets, our custom engineered solutions can be found in many other industries. These include consumer and commercial appliances, medical equipment, and even recreational vehicles. The common thread between these diverse markets is a design challenge that was unresolved until the customer presented it to Weber Knapp. Read More

WeldingEngineering Capabilities

Counterbalance Hinge Design

Spring-loaded counterbalances let you combine assisted lifting forces- positional stability and controlled closing forces in a compact hinge. Controlled motion in all positions help make your products safer. They are ideal for doors, lids, hatches or equipment components, covers and more. Read More

Custom Counterbalance Samples:

Counterbalance Hinge used in packaging Centrifuge Hinge Copier Lid Hinge


Electric Modular Components

Weber Knapp s capabilities are perfectly suited to the production of fabricated assemblies for wiring of modular electrical components. We have collaborated with our customer and our customer s customer to develop hardware that smoothly integrates electronics into specific construction layouts and refurbishments. Read More

Hinge Express Program

Hinge Express is a commitment to you for one day hinge designs. The Hinge Express Program has been developed over decades providing you an uncomplicated way to solve a design problem without headaches. You call us, tell us what you need, and, typically, one day later you have answers. Read More