Rex McCray: President / CEO

Rex McCray: President / CEO

In 1909 Adam F. Weber and Edward L. Knapp incorporated their hardware specialties and started the Weber Knapp Company

Weber, a local mechanic opened a small manufacturing shop in a building located on the corner of Third and Cherry Streets in Jamestown, New York. The building was destroyed by fire in 1910. Fortunately, Weber had already moved his operation to the present day Chandler Street facility.

Knapp, a former trim designer, joined Weber in 1909, when the manufacturing facility covered a mere few hundred square feet and housed a limited but productive operation. That year, the enthusiastic partners renamed the business and set it on a course to maintain high quality while providing for gradual but steady growth.

In the first decade the primary products were phonograph hardware, needle cups and covers, hinges and supports. 1920 brought growth and diversification when the Keeler Brass Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan purchased Weber Knapp. 1930-1960 casket hardware, sealer locks and mechanisms, portable desk hardware, scuff plates, extruded pulls, and card file trays were the items that greatly increased production.

The 1970 s and 1980 s was the period of Weber Knapp s greatest physical growth. A 40,000 square foot plating facility was constructed in 1974 and the 65,000 square foot assembly plant was completed in 1975.

In the late 1980 s and throughout the 1990 s, Weber Knapp became a major supplier of ergonomic workstation components and innovative motion control systems that are marketed throughout the world. The company achieved ISO certification in 1997, which serves as a benchmark for the commitment to high quality products.

Donald Pangborn: Senior Vice President of Engineering

In the second half of the 1990 s the rapidly increasing sales volume mainly related to ergonomic mechanisms strained the capacity of the company. In response a 65,000 square foot addition was completed in 1996 at the Allen Street assembly plant location. In 1998 to better serve the global market place a small manufacturing facility was added in Taiwan.

In 2000 the Intellaspace by Weber Knapp brand was launched as a marketing strategy featuring complete sets of ergonomic products to provide dealers with a better alternative to our traditional component products sold in the OEM market. In 2008 Weber Knapp sold the Intellaspace brand and returned to our core OEM and Distribution by restructuring this model and retaining our position in the supply channel.

Now locally owned and operated, the company is celebrating over 100 years of continuous business in Jamestown, New York. New products and innovation are still the corner stone of Weber Knapp’s long history. Currently over 100 employees continue to champion customer expectations by focusing on a common goal. Weber Knapp is already or will be your number one supplier for custom mechanical motion control components.

Rex E. McCray
President / CEO