Wayne J. Rishell has been appointed Chief Financial Officer

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Weber Knapp Company I am pleased to announce that Wayne J. Rishell has been appointed Chief Financial Officer effective immediately.
Wayne joined Weber Knapp in 2013 as Director of Finance and has since provided essential guidance, financial strategy and effective financial management that has allowed the company to achieve continued success, fundamentally reducing overall debt while reinvesting significant capital into the business. In fact we have been able to invest over 3 million dollars in capital improvements without increasing long term debt with plans to invest another 1.5 million by the end of 2018.
Wayne’s expanded responsibilities will include full oversite of our Taiwan subsidiary, EZ Office Inc. TW and he also has been appointed as a Direct Advisor to the Weber Knapp Board of Directors. Wayne will continue to report to the President of Weber Knapp and retain all of his current responsibilities as Director of Finance.
I am very confident that expanding Wayne’s responsibilities will be one of the key factors in the continued growth and success of Weber Knapp Company for many years into the future.
Please join me in supporting and congratulating Wayne on his promotion!

Rex E. McCray
President / CEO
Weber Knapp Company